That went quite well

The woman that interviewed me was really nice and since the dressing code of the company wasn’t strict att all I felt more comfortable than I thought I would. Still, that interview lasted for almost an hour! It was just a HR interview and she told me that she’ll pass the results to the project leaders in the Telecommunications department afterwards so they decide which profiles are more interesting for each project and then they would contact each person themselves for yet another interview. According to her I should expect a phone call or an email from them from next week on, if they don’t contact me she said I could call myself to ask about it, however since I didn’t really want to get a job until next January (because of the Univerity courses I still have to take) I doubt I’d call.

It really baffles me that I had been looking for possible jobs for literally one freaking day and already someone contacted me. I had thought it’d take longer for a company to notice a job applicant.

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